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See your Operation & Maintenance Manual for your specific engines scheduled & routine maintenance.

Mercruiser Scheduled / Routine Maintenance*


Every 100 Hours or Annually w

Every 200 Hours or 3 Years w

Every 300 Hours or 3 Years w

Every 2 years

Every 5 Years

Touch-up paint the power package and spray with corrosion guard.







Change the crankcase oil and filter.







Change the Transmission fluid. (if equipped)







Change the drive unit oil & re-torque the connection of the gimbal ring to the steering shaft.







Replace the fuel filters (water-separating fuel filter element).







Check the steering system and the remote control for loose, missing or damaged parts.  Lubricate the cables and the linkages.







Inspect the U-Joints, the splines and the bellows.  Check the clamps. Check the engine alignment. Lubricate the U-joint splines.







Lubricate the gimbal bearing and the engine coupler.







Check the continuity circuit for loose or damaged connections.  Test the MerCathode® unit output on Bravo Models.







Re-torque the engine mounts.







Check the spark plugs, the wires, and the distributor cap.







Clean the flame arrestor, IAC muffler (MPI Engines) and the crank case ventilation hoses.  Inspect the PCV valve (if equipped.)







Check the electrical system for loose, damaged or corroded fasteners.







inspect the condition and the tension of the belts. 







Check the cooling system and exhaust system hose clamps for tightness.  Inspect both systems for damage or leaks.







Disassemble and inspect the seawater pump & replace worn components.







Clean the seawater section of the closed cooling system.  Clean, inspect and test the pressure cap.







Inspect the exhaust system components and verify the flapper valves are not missing or worn, if equipped.







Check the Engine to prop shaft alignment (Inboard and Tow Sport Models Only)







Replace the coolant.







Routine Maintenance*

Each Day Start

Each Day End


Every Two Months



Check the crankcase oil (interval can be extended based on experience).







If operating in salt, brackish, or polluted waters, flush the cooling system after each use.







Check the drive unit oil level, the trim pump oil level and the power steering pump fluid level.







Check the water inlets for debris or marine growth. Check the seawater strainer and clean.  Check the coolant level







Inspect the drive unit anodes and replace if 50 percent eroded.







Lubricate the propeller shaft and re-torque the nut (if operating in only freshwater, this maintenance me be extended to every four months).







Operating in Saltwater Only: treat the engine surface with corrosion guard.







Check the battery connections and fluid level.







Ensure that the gauges and wiring connections are secure.  Clean the gauges.




× or every 50 hours










* Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package



wWhichever comes first







µInterval will be reduced if not using extended life coolant




‡Lubricate the engine coupler every 50 hours if operated at idle for prolonged periods of time



 Based on information found in Mercruiser Technical Service and/or Owner Manuals.







***This is an example of a typical and commonly accepted maintenance schedule for



Mercury / Mercruiser engine /drive systems. Refer to  your operation manual for your specific engine / manufacturer recommendations. 


BoatPro does not warrant the accuracy  of this information.  Consult your OEM documentation for actual specifications. ***






Maintaining a boat is no easy task.  See the table below for just a sample of what SHOULD be done to a typical vessel.  BoatPro can take the work out of boat ownership.  We’ll track your service schedule, and tell you and/or your service center of choice that your boat is in need of attention. We’ll try to schedule the work so it doesn't effect your time on the water and so you hopefully never find yourself the victim of a mechanical breakdown.

Boat Cleaning & Detailing

From a quick wash down before the weekend outing, to a full on complete "true" detailing, BoatPro can make your boat shine from bow to stern.  We use only the best cleaning products (bio-degradable / environmentally friendly when possible) and we don't cut corners. We take our time, and thoroughly clean / detail your boat. We strive treat your boat better than you do and we want the results to show that.  The following services are available. Need something else? Just ask!

Concierge Services

Specialty Services:
Vandalism Clean Up
Pre-Sale Detail & Dress Up
Long Term Storage Prep
Boat Show or Show Boat Display Finishing
Boat Interior:
Basic Clean
Cockpit Detail
Cabin & Interior Detailing
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Boat Exterior (waterline / rub rail  & up):
Buff and Oxidation Removal
Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Packages Available

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Managed Maintenance
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