So you’ve decided to buy a boat...  Congratulations!   

Now what’s next?  Do you call a boat dealer, a boat broker, buy a used boat, look online? 

What type of boat are you looking for?

Are you sure that’s the best style and size for you?

Do you know what other alternatives there are?

Will you buy locally or expand your search?

Does the builder you are considering have a solid reputation?

Is it a quality vessel that will meet your needs? 

New or used?

Is it a great deal?

What are the Bluebook or NADA values for it the boat?

What are comparable boats selling for?

 Is the particular boat you're looking at really worth asking price?

How will you finance it?

Is the company or individual you’re purchasing from reputable?

Does the boat have a warranty?  What about the engine(s), are they covered?

Will this boat qualify as a second home deduction on your taxes?

Has it ever been in saltwater and is that a concern?

Will the boat ride well?

Will the boat give you the performance the seller says it will?

BoatPro can help provide you with extensive market research, evaluate a deal, help you decide what boat will truly work the best for you and help you with every step of the boat buying process!

The marine industry is much more difficult to navigate than the auto industry.  Most dealers don’t cooperate or share inventory like auto dealers.  Marine builders don't have the size or resources to be as organized, and they don't have nearly the regulations to follow regarding quality & safety.  Making sure you’re buying the right boat and getting the best deal possible takes work… LOTS of work! 

Let the industry professionals of BoatPro do the work for you!  With varying levels of buyers assistance we can help any consumer get the best deal out there.  Whether you’re looking for a 16’ open bow or a 52’ offshore performance boat, BoatPro has an affordable assistance program designed to get you the right boat, for the best deal and to guide you through the entire purchase process! 

Call today and let BoatPro get shopping for your perfect deal!

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